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calendula cleansing melt

'I loved this product, it made my skin feel more youthful. It was lovely to apply and felt very luxurious.'

'A subtle calming smell.'

'My skin felt very smooth, soft and moisturised after cleansing with the balm. It was very comfortable and soothing. The morning after use my skin had a slight sheen but it felt good. I did not feel the need to do a morning cleanse.'

'Wonderful smell.'

'You only need a little, so it goes a long way and I loved the smell!'

'So I tried the cleansing balm and oil last night...I woke up this morning and my skin felt and looked amazing! I am so so impressed!'

'It removed my eye makeup amazingly and left my skin super soft.'

'The balm is so soothing and takes your makeup off with such ease. I feel quite relaxed after using it.'

'The cleanser is lovely and it didn't have any ill effects on my sensitive skin.'

'It is so luxurious, it melts like butter.'



rose & lavender beauty oil

'The oil is a game changer- I thought it might leave my skin feeling greasy but the complete opposite and I think my face looked brighter this morning!'

'It was great, I feel like I look years younger.'

'I use this daily, sometimes morning and night. The oil feels great on my skin and encourages me to give myself a short daily facial massage when applying it. A little goes a long way.'

'My skin felt very moisturised the morning after using this oil, and I just love the smell.'

'My skin looks fresh and more youthful!'

'It made my skin much more supple.'

'My skin loves it and feels so much better!'



orange & rose facial mist

'Smells absolutely amazing, dries quickly and is also refreshing.'

'It felt good when having a hot flush!'

'The scent is fresh and floral. I would wear it as a perfume if it was stronger.'

'It has a calming effect and isn't overpowering.'

'I like to use it before applying the facial oil. I find it calming and comforting. The subtle, soft smell is lovely. It is very refreshing too.'

'I used the mist as a toner and used it on my sores I get from my glasses. Within minutes the redness almost disappeared.'

'I really love this mist, it sinks into the skin much easier than others I have tried.'

'Good news for you, but bad for me...I have just run out of the facial mist. I love it! Started using it as a toner and I love the smell!'


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pennies and feathers

A new botanical British award-winning beauty brand, that was created from a love story.

Our aim is to bring beauty back into our customers lives. Whether it is your skin that needs revitalising, your senses or your spirit.

Everything from the beautiful illustrations on the packaging, to the tactile glass containers and the wonderful relaxing scents have been designed to bring you a sense of beauty and calm.


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