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calendula cleansing melt


how to use

Massage into dry skin for a deep cleanse, and to dissolve and remove even waterproof makeup in an instant, without leaving your skin feeling tight. Run the enclosed organic muslin cloth under warm water and use to remove the balm and gently exfoliate.

For an extra treat, press the cloth against your face for a minute to allow the steam to activate the oils further.

moisturising mask

As well as cleansing the skin this product is also wonderfully moisturising, therefore works as a fantastic mask when your skin is feeling particularly dry or irritated. Apply a thin layer of the balm all over your face and then leave this on for as long as you can. We recommend at least 10 minutes to let all of the nourishing oils sink into your skin. Then wipe off any excess that remains using your warm muslin cloth, or a flannel.

Why not give this a try whilst you are relaxing in the bath? Or perhaps if you have less time to spare, then massage the balm into your skin as normal, but before removing to cleanse, leave it to sit on your skin whilst brushing your teeth, so you get a little extra boost of moisture.

Penniesfeathers 121 sml

overnight mask

You can also leave the balm on your skin overnight, for an extra treat if your skin is feeling like it needs a little nourishment. Take a small amount of the balm (you can always add more if needed) and warm it between your fingers, then massage the oil into your skin. Remember to always use an upwards motion when massaging. You will wake up to a soft, smooth and plump complexion.






orange & rose facial mist4rorangerosebottle

how to use

Hold the bottle about 5-6 inches away from you, and mist generously over your whole face and neck, with your eyes closed. You will find that this mist is beautifully fine so it will sink into your skin very quickly and easily.

Don't be afraid to mist over your makeup as well. It is a great way to refresh your makeup and keep your skin looking fresh all day.

In the summer months, keep this in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!

Top Tip: If you ever have any hospital stays, pack the Orange and Rose Facial Mist to take with you. From experience we know how dry and stuffy the air can be in hospital, so this is a great way to keep you refreshed and your skin hydrated throughout the day.


This is not only great for misting, but also works as an effective toner due to the soothing qualities of the orange blossom and rose flower waters. They both help reduce redness and leave your skin feeling ultra smooth and soft.Penniesfeathers 491 cropped sm

Spritz a little of the product onto a cotton pad and then wipe this over your skin, avoiding your eyes, as you would a traditional toner. Some of our initial product testers found this really helpful to use on blemishes or any redness or irritations.








rose & lavender beauty oil


how to use

Apply a few drops to your hand and rub together in your fingers. Take a moment to breathe in the natural scent, and then press or massage the facial oil into your skin.

facial massage

Facial massage is not only wonderfully relaxing but is also very beneficial in increasing blood circulation, giving the skin a healthy youthful glow and releasing tension and improving drainage which in turn helps with puffiness.

Our Rose and Lavender Beauty Oil is a perfect product to use when performing your own facial massage at home. The oil's subtle amounts of essential oils aids in calming and relaxing your mind, and the oil's texture allows you ease of movement when massaging.

It's the perfect combination to make sure that the beauty oil is given time to soak into your skin, and also to give your skin and muscles a little extra love and you will see it's natural glow.

We recommend performing a little massage before bed or even before a special occasion before you do your makeup.

Penniesfeathers 113 smallcuticle oil

Another extra use for the beauty oil is as a cuticle oil. Apply a drop or two of the oil to the back of your hand or fingertips and massage a little into each nail bed/cuticle. Leave this to soak in and the vitamins will provide some much needed nourishment.

dewy drops

Love a dewy finish to your skin and makeup? Why not mix a few drops of the Beauty Oil into your foundation, or even better your moisturiser, to increase the glow to your usual products and give you a radiant finish to your skin.

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