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When David Attenborough announces to the world that we need to reduce our plastic use, then you listen.

Even before creating the brand, as a big beauty consumer, I was appalled by the amount of plastic and waste that was created from purchasing products.

Everything was housed in plastic tubes and jars, and the sometimes beautiful outer packaging that I gawped over in the shop was just instantly thrown away.

So I wanted to make it part of my mission to create beautiful packaging that could actually be re-used and therefore also added a little something extra to your purchase. 

The tubes that our skincare arrive in are made from already recycled card, and I commissioned the stunning illustrator Susannah Garrod to draw a unique scene for each product. It was important that they looked pretty enough so that you would actually want to use them too. You will notice flowers that are actually included in that product as ingredients, in my imagined whimsical forest, as well as a little sign.

These signs are very personal to me, and I'm sure that a lot of people will relate too, as they are often mentioned to be a sign that a lost loved one is near and watching over you.

There is a robin, a butterfly and for my mum, a purple lisianthus flower, which was her absolute favourite.

I imagined these beautiful illustrated tubes to be re-used as storage holders for your makeup brushes, pencils, cotton pads and jewellery. A lovely addition to your dressing table or bedside table, whilst all the while reducing waste. 


I would absolutely love to see how you are using yours, so please do tag us @penniesandfeathers on Instagram in your pictures and let us know. 



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pennies and feathers

A new botanical British award-winning beauty brand, that was created from a love story.

Our aim is to bring beauty back into our customers lives. Whether it is your skin that needs revitalising, your senses or your spirit.

Everything from the beautiful illustrations on the packaging, to the tactile glass containers and the wonderful relaxing scents have been designed to bring you a sense of beauty and calm.


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