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The very first spark of thought that led to starting Pennies and Feathers, was my need to build more purpose and meaning into my life, and my want to give back to certain charities and people that help others at their time of need.
I really believe that all businesses that start nowadays should include a social mission or some level of 'giving back' into their business plan. It has been proven to work financially many times and as a consumer I know that I am always drawn to the companies that donate profits or products to those in need. It just makes sense to me, does it to you too?
To buy a product you love and know in doing so that you are contributing to that generosity. 
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You can read more here about the main charity that we support through Pennies and Feathers, however I would love to share how I worked with them initially when designing the skincare products. 
As mentioned it was so important to me to create skincare products that were suitable for, and useful to use during cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I had seen first hand, through my mum and also through volunteering at Look Good Feel Better the effects that the treatment could have on the skin and how it could become very dry, sensitive and sore.
I wanted natural ingredients that were rich, moisturising, soothing and calming. I also wanted them to feel and look luxurious so that they were a pleasure to use and gave a moments peace and a sense of normality back into the routine.
I didn't want them to look in any way clinical or medical and I am so proud of what we have created.
I say 'we' as I had help from some beautiful ladies at The Olive Tree. A sample group of volunteers with different skin types, treatment plans and ages, all tested the products and gave me valuable feedback on each one. I monitored how gentle they were on their skin, whether it felt hydrating enough and if they liked the texture, to name a few. This feedback was vital in developing the final formulations.
One interesting thing that I found was that all of the ladies wanted more scent added to the products. Scent was something that I had initially not been sure on, as your sense of smell can alter during treatment and also essential oils can occasionally cause some sensitivity. However I listened to their needs and even though all of the products are still subtle in smell, we upped the levels of scent.
They all wanted a feeling of relaxation and pampering when using the products, and to really feel as though they were treating themselves. Your skincare routine is your moment for yourself every day, so I can completely understand.
Something that I have learnt throughout the process, and something that I am fascinated about too, is that the mind is key to how we feel and recover, and as essential oils can have a powerful effect on the mind, they became a part of the range, in safe and non irritating quantities of course. We are very proud to be a cruelty free brand, but our testing on real women is definitely staying and any feedback you may have is always welcomed as we go forwards in growing and developing new products.

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