The Beautiful World of Sophie's Suitcase

In the next instalment of my Beautiful World blog series, where I delve into the lives of inspirational women, I would love to introduce you to Sophie from Sophie's Suitcase. I had the absolute pleasure of asking Sophie some questions based on her self care routine, and as you will learn she has a wonderful love of nature and travel. I so admire her honest attitude to speaking openly about mental health too, and she has recently filmed a YouTube video all about her own journey and experiences which you can find here: 

So without further ado, I welcome you into Sophie's beautiful world...

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do for your profession?

My names Sophie and I am a travel journalist, digital content creator and photographer. I have spent the past decade working in marketing and communications, both in-house for charities, but also for PR agencies across the UK. Alongside this, I also run the multi-award-winning blog Sophie’s Suitcase, which I launched back in 2010 and have grown ever since. Sophie’s Suitcase focuses heavily on travel, but also wellness, and outdoor adventures and the benefit of holistic health. Over the years I have spoken honestly about my mental health challenges on my channel with my audience. It has given me a platform to lower the stigma related to mental health and encourage others to speak out or get help. It is something I am really passionate about!

What little things in life make you smile and brighten your day?

I love having a bit of a routine in the morning, I jump out of bed and have a shower straight away, before making my bed, and having a coffee to start the day. Then I go downstairs and pop on my walking boots to head out for a 20-30-minute walk in the countryside close to my house. The fresh air and the sunshine on my face is one of my favourite things and it always makes me smile and get my day off to a great start. Since lockdown began and I have been working from home, I have found this routine in the morning has considerably helped my mental health and feeling more in control.

Where is your favourite place to feel calm?

I am such a home bird, and I feel most calm when I am in my own surroundings. As an introvert, I love my own space, and I find a lot of peace in being alone. I enjoy getting cosy at home and watching a film with my family, and baking with my little girl. But on the flip side, I also find so much calm in being outdoors. One thing I have been doing more of this year is being outside in nature, hiking and being on the water. I find so much calm from being away from devices and living in the moment. My favourite activity at the moment is paddle boarding and we go every couple of weeks on the river near our house!

What do you do each day to nourish yourself?

I love my morning routine as that gets me ready for the day! But in addition to this, I love nourishing my body. The past 12 months have been a transformation for me in so many ways, and alongside exercise and being outdoors, nutrition has really helped me move forward and be healthier. I am much more conscious of what I am putting in my body, as well as ensuring I am eating foods which support different aspects of my health. E.g. strength for hiking, foods for anxiety etc. What we put in our bodies has such a big impact on our health and how we feel and it’s something I am going to continue learning about in 2020.

What is your favourite flower?

My favourite flower has to be jasmine! A beautiful flower, but it also lowers stress and anxiety levels, and lowers your heart rate. You can also get jasmine tea, which when ingested has similar effects. When I can, I try to fill my house with plants and flowers. I like to feel closer to nature, but I also love how flowers can chase away anxieties, make people feel less depressed, and brighten our mood.

Do you use any positive affirmations?

I don’t have many, and positive affirmations are fairly new to my routine, but I love the affirmations: “Today is going to be a great day” and “I am brave and confident, and the world is my oyster”

Finally, do you have a favourite piece of advice that you were given that has stuck with you?

My biggest advice to anyone struggling with their mental health, or simply wanting to gain back control is that ‘everything is temporary’. It’s a statement which I have carried with me throughout the past decade as I’ve gone through some really tough times and it simply reminds me that bad days pass and feelings disappear, and that every day brings us new opportunities.

You can find Sophie and follow along her journey below:

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