world cancer day 2019

 My ultimate aim with Pennies & Feathers has always been to bring beauty into people's lives and encourage them to see the beauty in each day. 

This stems from living through a cancer diagnosis with my mum, and wanting to create skincare products that can help with the side effects of treatment on the skin and allow women to still feel themselves and still beautiful. Then, after my mum died, I made a concious effort to notice the beauty all around me each day and really appreciate the little things to help me deal with the grief. 

With today being World Cancer Day I wanted to share with you all of the ways in which the brand does bring beauty into lives:

  • Myself....Creating the brand has brought beauty into my own life. It has been a very self healing journey and brings me so much joy knowing how much my mum would love it and everything that it stands for. 
  • Charity....We are able to bring beauty into the live's of people who are living alongside cancer by the money that is donated to small support centres. 
  • Packaging...The beautfiul botancial illustrations on the packaging are a reminder of the beauty that is around us all of the time, and to remember to stop and notice it. The little signs such as the butterfly and robin are there to show you that we are always being looked after and to take strength in that belief that our lost loved ones are near. 
  • Skin....The products are kind, nourishing, soothing and smoothing on the skin, and will allow it to look it's most beautiful naturally. I hope that you will see your own beauty too.
  • Scent....The beautiful subtle scents of the products are all wonderfully calming on the mind and can also be nostalgic for some too. A real spa experience when using them, and scent is one of our most powerful senses. 
  • Self Care....When using the products in your evening routine they really encourage you to take that moment to yourself and induldge in important self care. It's a great opportunity to be peaceful and reflect on what beautiful moments there have been that day. 
  • Environment....By using a product that is ceritified organic by the Soil Association you can feel confident that you taking a small step to helping our environment and keeping it the most beautiful that it can be. 
  • Reusable....When reusing the stunning packaging on your dressing table you can remember all of this and how you are helping our beautiful world and the people living in it every day. 


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pennies and feathers

A new botanical British award-winning beauty brand, that was created from a love story.

Our aim is to bring beauty back into our customers lives. Whether it is your skin that needs revitalising, your senses or your spirit.

Everything from the beautiful illustrations on the packaging, to the tactile glass containers and the wonderful relaxing scents have been designed to bring you a sense of beauty and calm.


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