the benefits of waterless skincare

Today I read a brilliant article written by Lauren Wigley, which was highlighting how we should really be looking towards waterless beauty products this year. 

I shall link to the article here for you to read yourselves, as it has lots of great research as to why it is important not only for your skin, but also for the environment too. One particular fact that really saddened and shocked me though was that 'water is predicted to overtake oil as the most precious worldwide commodity' with it being in increasingly short supply. Lauren writes that 'from global water reserves running at the lowest they have ever been, to the incredible amount used in animal agriculture and other mass production, it is time to seriously consider our water usage in day-to-day life.'

With this information I wanted to empahsise that the Pennies & Feathers Calendula Cleansing Melt and Rose & Lavender Beauty Oil are completely water free. This was a concious decision that was made whilst formulating due to a few reasons. 

Firstly, when you add water to products you need to also add preservatives to make them stable. Water provides the ideal environment for bacteria to grow, which is why they are necessary, but preservatives are an ingredient that I did not want in my products. They can be harsh on your skin, and something that I personally try to avoid where I can.

Therefore in the Cleansing Melt and Beauty Oil you are just left with pure botanical oils. When looking at the ingredients list of many skincare products you will find water at the top. This means that it is the highest percentage ingredient in that bottle or jar. So many times you will spend a premium on a luxury product, but it may be very watered down, with the botanicals, oils and active ingredients being in such a small amount. Not only will you be paying for mainly water, but also the benefits and affects on the skin will be much less too. 

Water is so important for the hydration of your skin, but sometimes too much can actually be drying too. Whereas a pure oil based, water free product contains nothing but goodness that your skin can utilise every drop of. They are richer, more concentrated, and often last a lot longer too. 

Do let me know what you think of these facts, and whether you shall be trying more waterless products from now on. 


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