the importance of organic certification

When my fascination with natural skincare came about, after losing my mum to breast cancer, I discovered a whole world that I was intrigued by. So many different brands were claiming to be 'natural', 'organic', 'green', 'inspired by nature', 'non-toxic', and it was rather overwhelming.

After doing my homework I realised that these words frankly meant nothing. There were no regulations in place to monitor what these brands were claiming, and the one thing that stuck with me the most was that for a brand to write organic on the product, it only technically has to contain 1% of organic ingredients.

These products that people were putting their trust into, and paying a premium for, could potentially not be what they were expecting.

This is why, when creating Pennies and Feathers, it was of vital importance to me to gain certification from the Soil Association and COSMOS. This has been a recognised symbol of accreditation in the food industry for years, and so I think that it makes perfect sense that customers are now looking for this same trusted symbol on their beauty products.

Not only does this always guarantee a level above 95% of organic ingredients, brands have to declare on the packaging the products own actual percentage, so that you can see for yourself.

It also shows a high level of commitment as a brand that we are sourcing ethically, sustainably and are also cruelty free.

Every step of the process from the farm where the ingredients are grown, right through to the packaging design and materials used is examined and approved.

We are very proud to be a part of this trusted organisation and will always continue to seek out how we can increase our organic percentages and reduce waste.

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pennies and feathers

A new botanical British award-winning beauty brand, that was created from a love story.

Our aim is to bring beauty back into our customers lives. Whether it is your skin that needs revitalising, your senses or your spirit.

Everything from the beautiful illustrations on the packaging, to the tactile glass containers and the wonderful relaxing scents have been designed to bring you a sense of beauty and calm.


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