Grief At Christmas

Christmas for so many people is usually a time for seeing family, feeling loved and celebrating the past year in style. It's a time when everyone seems in good spirits and the world is lit up and twinkly.

I for one love Christmas and always fact when I was little I often used to make myself physically sick on Christmas morning because I was just THAT excited!
I've definitely calmed down from that level nowadays (thank goodness!) but something that I wanted to touch on today was those people who dread this time of year and really struggle.

I feel that 2020, in particular, is a year that none of us will forget, and so many more of us are grieving. Be it a lost loved one, or simply the loss of a traditional Christmas.

The Beautiful World of Sophie's Suitcase

In the next instalment of my Beautiful World blog series, where I delve into the lives of inspirational women, I would love to introduce you to Sophie from Sophie's Suitcase. I had the absolute pleasure of asking Sophie some questions based on her self care routine, and as you will learn she has a wonderful love of nature and travel. I so admire her honest attitude to speaking openly about mental health too, and she has recently filmed a YouTube video all about her own journey and experiences which you can find here: 

So without further ado, I welcome you into Sophie's beautiful world...

beauty and cancer 

 The main passion behind me creating the Pennies and Feathers brand was to develop a beautiful range that would be safe, nourishing, and soothing to use for women whilst they were undergoing treatment for cancer. 

I met a lot of wonderful women like my mum, who were dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and were struggling with their skin. 

It is well known that the aggressive treatment often causes nausea, hair loss and fatigue, but something that is not discussed as commonly is the affect on the skin and nails. 

the importance of wildflowers 

I recently was shocked to learn that 97% of our British wildflower meadows are gone. These beautiful expanses of land, filled with dainty british flowers are not only stunning to look at, but they are also crucial to supporting our ecosystem.


summer skin

This week is set to be a heatwave in the UK and across Europe, and down in Sussex it is currently registering as 31 degrees celsius, which is quite unheard of! Us Brits aren't the best at dealing with hot temperatures, and it can be really unpleasant when we are having to work and commute, so I wanted to give a few of my top tips as to how to change up your skincare and beauty routine during the summer. These are little ways to make sure that you stay fresh, cool, hydrated and soothed. 


the beauty shortlist awards...editor's choice

As you may have seen across our social media, I am completely thrilled to say that Pennies and Feathers is now an award-winning brand. 

The Beauty Shortlist awards is extremely well regarded and trusted within the industry, and with consumers, as it is 100% independent, completely sponsor and ad-free. So no biased results at all. All of the products entered were tested by a panel of beauty experts over a period of six months, and they looked at everything from the actual products to the packaging, ingredients, claims and websites too. 

I am over the moon that my Calendula Cleansing Melt and Rose & Lavender Beauty Oil were both awarded an Editor's Choice Award. 

It is a huge honour to receive such great recognition and thank you to all of the judges. 


 Penny Knight's beautiful world

In the first instalment of my new blog series, where I delve into the lives of inspirational women, I would love to introduce you to Penny Knight. I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Penny last July when she was a leader for my trek in Transylvania. I took part in an incredible 6 day adventure to raise money for the breast cancer education charity CoppaFeel, and Penny led my team through alpine forests, steep climbs and to the summit of a mountain. She has a very inspiring story and such a wonderful outlook on life. So I welcome you into Penny's beautiful world....

world cancer day 2019

 My ultimate aim with Pennies & Feathers has always been to bring beauty into people's lives and encourage them to see the beauty in each day. 

This stems from living through a cancer diagnosis with my mum, and wanting to create skincare products that can help with the side effects of treatment on the skin and allow women to still feel themselves and still beautiful. Then, after my mum died, I made a concious effort to notice the beauty all around me each day and really appreciate the little things to help me deal with the grief. 

With today being World Cancer Day I wanted to share with you all of the ways in which the brand does bring beauty into lives:

the benefits of waterless skincare

Today I read a brilliant article written by Lauren Wigley, which was highlighting how we should really be looking towards waterless beauty products this year. 

I shall link to the article here for you to read yourselves, as it has lots of great research as to why it is important not only for your skin, but also for the environment too. One particular fact that really saddened and shocked me though was that 'water is predicted to overtake oil as the most precious worldwide commodity' with it being in increasingly short supply. Lauren writes that 'from global water reserves running at the lowest they have ever been, to the incredible amount used in animal agriculture and other mass production, it is time to seriously consider our water usage in day-to-day life.'

an interview with Jessica 

Can you tell us a bit about Pennies and Feathers? 

Pennies and Feathers is my new natural, and organic, luxury skincare range which is handmade in the heart of the English countryside. 

The range currently consists of three highly nourishing products made from Soil Association and COSMOS certified organic and vegan ingredients, designed to nourish, soothe and revitalise your skin. As well as being suitable for all skin types, the products are also safe to use whilst undergoing chemo and radiotherapy, and 10 percent of Pennies and Feathers’ profits will be donated to small independent charities that support people living with cancer.

The range boasts beautifully illustrated packaging, sustainably designed to be reusable as makeup brush holders and trinket boxes, to try and reduce the amount of waste from beauty packaging. 

an organic christmas

With Christmas just around the corner now, I wanted to share a link to the Soil Association's website. They have complilled a wonderful guide on how to have an organic Christmas this year. Everything from 'The Ultimate Christmas Dinner', to where you can buy FSC certified trees and also where to find your local organic shops. 

the importance of organic certification

When my fascination with natural skincare came about, after losing my mum to breast cancer, I discovered a whole world that I was intrigued by. So many different brands were claiming to be 'natural', 'organic', 'green', 'inspired by nature', 'non-toxic', and it was rather overwhelming.

After doing my homework I realised that these words frankly meant nothing. There were no regulations in place to monitor what these brands were claiming, and the one thing that stuck with me the most was that for a brand to write organic on the product, it only technically has to contain 1% of organic ingredients.

world mental health day 2018

world mental health day 2018  

Today, 10th October 2018, marks this year's World Mental Health Day. In honour of this I wanted to share a piece that I have written which attempts to describe what it feels like to live alongside grief, still years on, and what happens when the waves come. I hope that this may help others to know that they aren't alone and that despite the painful moments, there is still beauty in the world and most of the time life is great. 

re-usable packaging

When David Attenborough announces to the world that we need to reduce our plastic use, then you listen.

Even before creating the brand, as a big beauty consumer, I was appalled by the amount of plastic and waste that was created from purchasing products.

Everything was housed in plastic tubes and jars, and the sometimes beautiful outer packaging that I gawped over in the shop was just instantly thrown away.

So I wanted to make it part of my mission to create beautiful packaging that could actually be re-used and therefore also added a little something extra to your purchase. 

homemade face mask recipe

When I first got interested in natural skincare and started exploring ideas for products for the brand, the first thing that I did was to order some ingredients from online and start playing in my kitchen.

 I had the most fun few weeks, melting butters and mixing different oils together. I even dabbled in creating my own lipsticks too which was incredibly satisfying to see swirls of different colour in pots...despite my small mishap of dying half my kitchen tools bright red (lesson learned)!

the olive tree cancer support centre

The very first spark of thought that led to starting Pennies and Feathers, was my need to build more purpose and meaning into my life, and my want to give back to certain charities and people that help others at their time of need.
I really believe that all businesses that start nowadays should include a social mission or some level of 'giving back' into their business plan. It has been proven to work financially many times and as a consumer I know that I am always drawn to the companies that donate profits or products to those in need. It just makes sense to me, does it to you too?

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pennies and feathers

A new botanical British award-winning beauty brand, that was created from a love story.

Our aim is to bring beauty back into our customers lives. Whether it is your skin that needs revitalising, your senses or your spirit.

Everything from the beautiful illustrations on the packaging, to the tactile glass containers and the wonderful relaxing scents have been designed to bring you a sense of beauty and calm.


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